University of Alberta Team Claims 5th Place at Computer Go Competition

MP-Fuego Prototype, a University of Alberta (UofA) computer Go team, used WestGrid computing resources to help bring home a top five finish from an international competition last month. The Sixth Computer Go UEC Cup took place on March 16 - 17 at the University of Electro-Communications (UEC) near Tokyo, Japan and hosted top programs from around the world developed to play computer Go, a popular board game born in Asia. WestGrid's Hungabee cluster was used to power the Alberta team's entry, as real-time access to massively parallel computing power was essential for their participation in the UEC Cup.

The UofA team was spearheaded by Professor Martin Müller and was developed in collaboration with Kazuki Yoshizoe, a researcher from the Japan Science and Technology Agency and a frequent visitor to the UofA. The prototype is based on the open-source Fuego project, most of which has been developed in Alberta. The prototype includes a recent new algorithm for massively parallel game tree search developed by Yoshizoe, called TDS-depth-first-UCT.

Müller said he was very pleased with MP-Fuego Prototype's performance, noting it won games against some very strong opponents.

"This gives us great initial confidence in the validity of this approach, and the possibility of creating a really strong, massively scalable system in the very near future," said Müller.

Müller maintained a blog during the competition to share recaps of MP-Fuego Prototype's results throughout the competition. Full competition results can be on the event website.