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WestGrid Seminar Archives - Spring 2011

The archives of all the WestGrid seminars from the Spring 2011 series are now available at:

Spring Seminar Archives Now Available

All of the Spring WestGrid seminars are available online at

These include:

Parallel Programming with MPI
Presented by Masao Fujinaga - University of Alberta
Wednesday, January 9, 2008
This presentation provides an introduction to the basics of programming with Message Passing Interface, using examples in Fortran and in C.

Parallel Programming with OpenMP
Presented by Edmund Sumbar - University of Alberta
Wednesday, January 23, 2008
This presentation is targeted at researchers who would like an introduction to parallel programming on shared-memory machines.

Introduction to Grid Technologies
Presented by Cameron Kiddle - University of Calgary
Wednesday, February 6, 2008
The aim of this seminar is to examine existing grid technologies and to learn how researchers might benefit from the use of these technologies.


You can also check out previously archived seminars at

HD H323 Update

Just a quick update on the status of HD H323 within WestGrid. 

A couple of the WestGrid collaboration sites have now purchased H323 units capable of HD.  These sites include SFU (IRMACS), Cybera Calgary & Cybera Edmonton.  The units that all three have selected are the LifeSize Room systems - units that so far in testing these units have performed quite well.

Some of the other competitors in this field are Tandberg, Polycom and Sony.  Sony specifically has recently announced the PCS-XG80 with pretty incredible specifications and a very nice price point.  It will be interesting to see if this new Sony line lives up to its specifications - it is due to be released this Spring.

If you are interested in hearing about our experiences with these units or other units, feel free to contact

WestGrid from the Desktop Seminar - Archive Now Available

The October 10th seminar entitled 'Using WestGrid from the Desktop' is now available for download.

This seminar, presented by Simon Sharp of the University of Calgary, focussed on how to access WestGrid's resources from your desktop computer. Topics of discussion included an introduction to Unix; basic Unix commands; shells; getting help; and using SSH from Windows, Mac and Linux.

You can get a copy of the archive by clicking the link below.

Intro to WestGrid Seminar - Archive Now Available

The September 25th Seminar titled 'Introduction to WestGrid' is now available for download.

This seminar, presented by Jill Kowalchuk of Cybera / University of Calgary, provided a general overview of WestGrid operations and resources and included information on some of the basics of opening an account and submitting jobs on WestGrid systems.


Testing a Podcast

Just trying to test adding a video enclosure to this feed!

We're Back....Finally!

Well, its been a while... but we are finally back.

A lot has happened since January - we've:

  • Completed the WestGrid Seminar Series for spring 2006
  • Completed the Coast to Coast series for spring 2006
  • Built a prototype Seminar Information Repository (details still to come)
  • Built a new Drupal based WestGrid Website (details still to come)
  • Started testing DV & HD streaming
  • Attended the 2007 AccessGrid Retreat in Chicago
I'll be following up on many of these topics in the next few posts. Until then, hope you have a great summer.

Running Jobs on WestGrid Seminar

In case you missed it, we had a very successful WestGrid seminar today on the topic of 'Running Jobs on WestGrid'. With seven attending sites and four sites presenting from all over Western Canada, this seminar was technically very challenging. This seminar required the use of two venueservers complete with bridges (AG2 & AG3), two vnc reflectors (one for web participants, one for AG participants), and a Quicktime Streaming Server.

Venueserver Network Issues - Part 2

After BCNet reported resolving the venueserver network issue, UofC was continuing to have connection problems to the venueserver. BCNet has found the cause of these issues and has resolved the problem. If you find any more problems with connection to the venueserver, please email.

Collaboration Seminar Details

I've posted up the technical information page for tomorrow's collaboration seminar. It's available at: I'll be pretty busy on my end handling the seminar itself so I will need to distribute some of the responsibilities to the other sites. Specifically, the AGVCR, and reflector (both main and webstream reflector) management will need to be done by someone other than me. I believe Matt has said he could handle these tasks - but if anyone else wants to jump in, I'm sure he could use the help.

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