Programming on WestGrid Systems


As indicated below, training materials for programming on WestGrid systems include notes from seminars and web pages with instructions for using the various compilers and other tools related to software development.


The main body of documentation about programming on WestGrid systems is given at This page gives a general overview of programming on WestGrid systems, with links to more detailed documentation on the compiling and running programs on the individual machines. There are also external links to other online tutorials and references. The material presented does not include tutorials designed to teach you programming in any particular language. The intention is to present basic usage instructions for compilers and the debugging and optimization tools available on the WestGrid systems.


Programming seminars have been included as part of a series of presentations offered periodically to introduce reseachers to various aspects of using WestGrid. The programming-related talks have covered an introduction to serial programming as well as a variety of parallel programming talks. Links to presentation slides and, in some cases, video recordings of the corresponding seminars are given here.


Last modified: 2007-11-06