The User Environment

  • Connect and log in with ssh client

  • Transfer files with sftp, scp or graphical client supporting these

  • Graphical editing and debugging require X Window display server to be installed on your PC, such as:

    • xming for Microsoft Windows PC

    • for MacOS X (on system disks)

    • Installed with most Linux distributions or download from

  • Can edit files on local workstation and transfer,
    but editing directly on WestGrid systems preferred.

    • nedit provides PC-like editor, with syntax highlighting.

    • Other editors (emacs, vi, vim, ...) are listed on the WestGrid software page at

    • Consider "emacs -nw file_name" if graphical modes are too slow.

  • [Demo ... - logging in, nedit, compile and interactive run, batch job submission].

Last modified: 2007-11-06

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