Compilers Available on WestGrid Systems

  • Full listing of compilers is at

    • Name of the command to use when running the compiler is also listed (f77, f90, f95, xlf_r, pgf90, ifort, cc, g++, c99, etc.)

    • Many compilers can be called with different names. The specific name may affect the standard enforced or other option (such as fixed or free format in Fortran).

    • Machine-specific programming pages show example of use, but, only for the most frequently used compilers.

  • Compiler availability by machine:

    • Absoft (f90) - Glacier

    • Compaq (f77, f90, f95, cc, cxx) - Lattice

    • GNU gcc and g++ - Cortex, Glacier, Lattice, Matrix, Nexus, Robson
      GNU g77 - Glacier, Lattice, Matrix, Nexus, Robson
      GNU gfortran - Robson

    • IBM XL (xlf, xlc, xlC) - Cortex, Robson

    • Intel (ifort, icc) - Glacier

    • MIPSpro (f77, f90, cc, c89, c99, CC) - Nexus

    • Portland Group (pgf77, pgf90, pgcc, pgCC) - Glacier, Matrix

Last modified: 2007-11-07

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