VMD on WestGrid Systems


VMD is a program for displaying and animating large biomolecular systems.


The VMD license agreement stipulates that "each member of the institution or corporation who has access to or uses Software must agree to and abide by the terms of this license". Therefore, access to the software will be allowed only for those users who have read the license agreeement on the VMD web site and can agree to the conditions given there. If you would like to use VMD on WestGrid systems please review the license and send email to accounts@westgrid.ca with the subject line "VMD access requested for your_user_name" and indicate that you have read and can abide by the conditions of use.


VMD is available on Bugaboo, Grex, Lattice and Parallel. See the main software page for the specific version on each system.  A GPU-enabled version of VMD is available on Parallel.  See the GPU computation page for information about using GPU-based applications on Parallel for remote visualization.

Updated 2012-05-18.