GMT on WestGrid Systems

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GMT - Generic Mapping Tools is a script-driven package of utilities for gridding and contouring geographic and Cartesian data sets, with support for many map projections. Vector plots, surface plots and other types of graphics are supported. Visit for a full description of program features, example output and tutorials.

Running GMT on Westgrid Systems

GMT is run in basically the same way on each WestGrid system on which it has been installed. However, the PATH, GMTHOME and related variables are defined differently depending on which system is being used.

GMT on Glacier

GMT has been installed on Glacier in /global/software/GMT4.1.3 . See the README file in that directory for information on how to modify your scripts for running in that location.

GMT on Lattice

GMT has been installed on Lattice in /global/software/gmt/gmt456.

To set up your (bash) environment to use GMT on Lattice:

export GMTHOME=/global/software/gmt/gmt456
export PATH=$GMTHOME/bin:$PATH

Updated 2011-11-09.