Grid Tools

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Using Grid Tools


What can the Grid do for me?

You don't need to use grid tools to use WestGrid resources. You could simply connect to a specific WestGrid system using ssh and submit your job to Torque (PBS) using the qsub command.

At WestGrid today, grid tools enable you to more easily access large areas for file storage at SFU. They can also enable you to ssh between WestGrid sites without re-typing your password. Becoming familiar with grid tools will help you take advantage of emerging features, such as job-flow management and job-submissions to the grid.

Quick Start

How can I get started with grid computing?

  • Log onto to a system which has your grid certificate *

  • Type grid-proxy-init (see proxies)

  • Answer pass-phrase prompts

  • SSH anywhere in WestGrid without a password for 24 hours

* The current location is your .globus directory on bugaboo.
Once you have initialized your proxy (above), you can use the globus-url-copy command or the gcp command to quickly move files between WestGrid sites. This enables you to stage large files from your computation site to our silo storage facility.

Updated 2011-02-01.