Using IOCOM at WestGrid

IOCOM ( is a commercial provider of collaboration technologies that are compatible with the AccessGrid collaboration tools that are utilized by WestGrid and Compute Canada. By providing a commercial, turnkey solution, IOCOM facilities provide a well supported and easy to use collaboration capability. A number of the WestGrid sites have chosen IOCOM as a solution for supporting distance collaboration at their site.

IOCOM Usage Within WestGrid

WestGrid, through Compute Canada, has parternered with ACEnet, to provide support for using IOCOM for its collaboration facilities. The ACEnet IOCOM server is configured such that many of the commonly used collaboration venues on the WestGrid AccessGrid venue server are mirrored on the ACEnet IOCOM server. This makes it simple for IOCOM users to join WestGrid and Compute Canada events using the ACEnet IOCOM server. In order to connect to a WestGrid or Compute Canada event proceed as follows:

  1. Click on the IGMeeting icon on the IOCOM computer in the collaboration room you are using. This typically appears in the computers system tray.
  2. A menu will appear. Choose the "Other Commands/Favorite Rooms" item.
  3. The commonly used WestGrid/Compute Canada collaboration venues should appear in the favorites list. For example, the Coast-to-Coast seminars are typically held in the "Compute Canada" venue. If you you want to attend a Coast-to-Coast seminar from an IOCOM room, simply click on the "Compute Canada Room" in the Favorites list.
  4. Accept all of the default options, and click on "OK" when the dialog box appears asking you to "Join the Compute Canada Room"
  5. [Optional] If you don't have the desired room listed in the favorites in step 3 above, then select "Edit Favorites". You will see a list if available rooms that you can add to your favorites list in the dialog box that appears.

For more information about the ACEnet collaboration services, and in particular the use of their IOCOM server, please refer to the ACEnet collaboration pages and the ACEnet IOCOM HowTo page.