Resource Allocations

Default Allocations

Any Canadian academic researcher may obtain a “default allocation” on WestGrid or any other Compute Canada Calcul Canada systems at any time by registering with the Compute Canada DataBase (CCDB). The size of default allocations vary by system, so users are advised to consult Compute Canada's list of resources for more details or to contact WestGrid Support.

Annual Resource Allocation Call

Each fall, Compute Canada Calcul Canada issues an annual Resource Allocation Call For Proposals for researchers who require greater than the default usage level on any system. Applications requesting less than the default usage level for the requested system will not be reviewed unless large bursts of usage are expected during the year (in which case planning with Compute Canada is necessary). If you are not sure if your request requires a RAC allocation, please contact WestGrid Support. Researchers cannot submit more than one individual application, but can be a participant in other submissions.


Any individual who is eligible to apply to national granting councils for funding is eligible to apply for an allocation. Typically, this means that regular faculty are eligible to apply while postdoctoral fellows and graduate students are not. Individuals who have adjunct status may apply for an allocation if the project for which the allocation is requested is eligible for funding from CFI or the granting councils. 

Allocation Timeframe

Allocations will be valid for one year, beginning in January. Under exceptional circumstances, such as in the case of long-term national and international projects, an extended timeframe may be granted. Allocations of longer than one year will be subject to NRAC (National Resource Allocation Committee) approval and will require the submission of an annual progress report.

Out-of-Round Allocations

Researchers requiring resources beyond their default allocation during the course of the year must contact WestGrid staff to discuss their storage and compute needs. WestGrid staff will review the requirements and if the researcher qualifies, they will be granted special permission to complete an Out-of-Round allocation form to complete through a link administered by the CCDB. Following submission, the resource requirements and justification will undergo a review process by the Regional RAC in a similar manner that is uniform across Compute Canada. This process will ensure that researchers are receiving a fair allocation of resources year-round.