Registering with CCDB

Compute Canada is an organization coordinating access to computing resources provided by WestGrid and six other regional HPC consortia. Rather than requiring researchers to enter contact information at each consortium separately, a national registry called the Compute Canada Database (CCDB) has been established where the information can be shared among the consortia. As of May 2010, WestGrid account holders and Principal Investigators (PIs) sponsoring account holders must register with the CCDB. Prospective WestGrid users must register prior to applying for a WestGrid account.

PIs who would like to continue to login and access WestGrid systems will need to register with CCDB and have a WestGrid account. PIs who only want to sponsor individuals, and do not need to log into the WestGrid systems, only need to complete the first step in registering with CCDB.

CCDB has 10 classifications of individuals, which can be seen from the Position drop box on the registration page. PIs must be faculty at an eligible Canadian institution. PIs can sponsor External Collaborators, Graduate Students, Non-Research Staff, Postdoctoral Fellows, Research Assistants, Researchers, Undergraduate Students, and Visiting Faculty – referred to as a “Group Member” in this document.

PIs must register with CCDB first (see Step 1 below). The approval process can take up to 2 business days. When a CCDB registration has been approved, a confirmation email will be sent to the individual with their Compute Canada Role Identifier (CCRI). Once a PI has his/her CCRI all of his/her Group Members can register on CCDB.

Group Members follow the same process as PIs but need to indicate their sponsors CCRI and do not need to provide information about the research area (step 3 below). All Group Members must be approved by a sponsor. Sponsor’s will receive an email requiring them to confirm each Group Member once the Group Member has completed Step 1 of the registration process. Instructions for approving a Group Member can be found in Step 3.

Step 1: Registering with CCDB

a) Go to

b) Complete the form with all required information as in Figure 1 below. We prefer you use your institutional email address. The information provided will be checked for accuracy. To ensure there is no delay in getting your CCRI please ensure all information is completed correctly.

Figure 1: Compute Canada Account Application page

c) Upon clicking “Submit Application”, you will be directed to the confirmation screen shown in Figure 2 and you will receive an email such as the one shown in Figure 3. If you do not receive the confirmation email please contact

Figure 2: CCDB registration confirmation page


Figure 3: CCDB Registration Confirmation email


d) Once you have received your confirmation email, click on the confirmation link indicated in the email. If the link does not work, copy and paste into your browser. You will be directed to the following page.


Figure 4:  Notification that your email has been confirmed


If you are the PI, a representative at your institution will process your CCDB request. The approver will check the information you have submitted to ensure you are a faculty person at the institution you have specified. Your CCDB account request will be processed within 2 business days.


If you are a Group Member an email will be sent to your Sponsor asking them to confirm your application. Please see the section titled “Approving a Group Member” for details on this process.


e) Once your request has been approved, you will receive an email such as the example shown below in Figure 5.

Figure 5: Notification of successful CCDB registration


f) Please note your CCRI. If you are a PI you will need to provide your CCRI to all Group Members that you will be sponsoring. If you forget your CCRI you can login into the system and retrieve it. Please note the email you used to register and the password you have created.


You have now completed the CCDB registration process. If you need to continue to login and access WestGrid systems please proceed to Step 2: Linking your CCRI to your WestGrid Account. If you will not be running jobs on any of the WestGrid systems you do not need to link your account.


If you are a PI all of the Group Members you want to sponsor can register for CCDB accounts. You will need to confirm every individual who registers with CCDB with your CCRI. Please see Approving a Group Member’s CCDB Application for instructions on how to confirm Group Member’s applications.


Step 2: Applying for a WestGrid Account


a) Login to CCDB at: Use the email you registered with as your login and the password you specified.

Figure 6: Log in to CCDB


b) Once logged in click the ‘Apply for consortium account’ link at the bottom of the screen. (Note the example shown below is a bit out of date so you will see a slightly different screen at the Compute Canada site.)

Figure 7: Apply for Consortium Account

c)  Click the ‘Apply’ Button beside WestGrid.

Figure 8:  Apply for Consortium Account


d) You will be taken outside of the CCDB site to the WestGrid registration system.


NOTE:  The "Link Account" button is for users who had WestGrid accounts before the CCDB existed.  All of these WestGrid accounts should have been linked by now.


Step 3: Approving a Group Member’s CCDB Application


Once a Group Member has completed Step 1c they will not be able to log into the CCDB website until their Sponsor has approved their application.


Until the Sponsor has confirmed the Group Member’s application a Group member will see the following page when they try to log into CCDB.

Figure 10: Message that will appear until the sponsor has confirmed your application


a) Once your Group Member has confirmed his/her email in Step 1c you (the Sponsor) will be sent the following email:

Figure 11: Email asking you to confirm the application


b) Click on the confirmation link in the email. You will be directed to the following page:

Figure 12: Confirmation page to approve account

c) Check the accuracy of the  information provided by your Group Member. Please ensure the information provided is correct and the email that is specified is the Group Member’s institutional email. Once you have confirmed the information is correct click the ‘Confirm this role’ button. You will see the confirmation screen indicated in Figure 13 and you will be send the email in Figure 14:

Figure 13: Screen after successfully approving an account

d) The Group Member will receive a confirmation email as specified in Figure 14. The Group Member can now log into the CCDB portal and link their CCRI to their WestGrid Account (see Step 2).












Figure 14: Email confirming approval of account



Updated 2011-04-12.