Getting an Account


The process of getting a WestGrid account consists of a number of steps, which are outlined below.

Eligibilty and Conditions of Use

Before you apply for an account please read the Conditions of Use page which explains eligibility, permitted and non-permitted uses, and other requirements.  You might also like to read the Information for Prospective Users page.  If you have questions about your eligibility or the suitability of your project for running in the WestGrid environment, please contact us at before applying for a WestGrid account.

Registering with Compute Canada

You need to register with the Compute Canada database or researchers (the CCDB) at Compute Canada before applying for a WestGrid account.  Detailed instructions for this registration process are given here.  

Applying for a WestGrid account

After you have completed Step 1: Registering with CCDB, you can apply for a WestGrid account using the online form on the CCDB "Consortium Accounts"  page .

When filling in the form, please keep the following points in mind:

  • You need to turn on cookies in your browser while you are using the application pages.  If you apply and do not hear back from us, it may be that we never received your application because you did not have cookies turned on.
  • Your application will be processed in about two working days.


Please direct any questions regarding the account application process to

Updated 2010-10-20.