Resources & Services Overview


WestGrid's role is to provide high performance computing (HPC) resources to researchers. This means computing power (of various types) and the things that need to go with it, such as system and application programs, data storage, special networks, programming help, and so on.

WestGrid gets its funding from a series of grants, so new equipment is planned for purchase over the next few years, and old equipment is dropped when it is no longer feasible to maintain it. See the links at left or listed below for details of what resources WestGrid currently provides. See the support pages for information about getting accounts and using the WestGrid systems.

  • Usage & Storage statistics - Usage stats for 2011 - 2012
  • Computing Facilities - Overview of the WestGrid sites and the computing resources they provide.
  • Software - List of installed software on the major WestGrid computing systems.
  • Data Storage - Overview of WestGrid data storage facilities.
  • Networks - (Page not yet available)
  • Grid Tools - Topics such as grid certificates and file transfer tools based on grid technologies.
  • Training - Seminar schedule, seminar archives and links to other training resources.
  • Collaboration - Facilities and services to help researchers use technologies such as video conferencing for collaborative scientific computing.
  • Visualization - Data visualization resources.

Updated 2009-03-20.